Oghogho Odoko simply blows the mind with his inspired imagination of events occurring in the eternal past. Who's to say things didn't happen exactly as he describes them? Chronicles of Zedek will inspire the Believer and intrigue everyone else enough to reach for the Truth.

- David Lanre-Leke.
Writer, Minister & Corporate Attorney.

Genesis starts regular, and quickly spirals out of this world and takes you on a wild journey through time. The places visited are places you may have wondered about, but with this author's unique spin on the tale, you'll have even more to ponder. Chronicles of Zedek: Genesis is truly a beginning worth reading.

- Pamela Agboga

Chronicles of Zedek:Genesis is unusual creative writing from Oghogho that will keep you turning pages. Its an absolute must read.

- Chinenye Adekambi




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