The Zedek Diaries. Part 1. Episode 3

Sep 202017

HE ZEDEK DIARIES. Part 1. Episode 3
“How is she?”

“Let her breathe”

“Don’t crowd her.”

Concerned voices echoed in the distance. I opened my eyes as slowly as I could. A lady stood over me, concern written all over her face. Befuddled, I was not sure what exactly was going on. I sat up slowly. That was when I noticed the crowd. Everyone, stared at me as if I was something from another planet.

The woman stepped back as I sat up.

“What happened?”I managed to ask.

No one said a word.

Something did not quite add up. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard and tried to rise to my feet. The woman backed away. So did the other people who stood a safe distance away.

I could not make head or tail out of their reactions. That was when it occurred to me to look for Salome. She was not nowhere to be found.

My breathing still labored and unable to compose myself on my feet, I sat back down, my eyes darting around for water. There wasn’t any, but the bottle of wine Salome had ordered sat a few inches away from me. I poured some into a glass and took a big gulp.

It still did not make any sense.

Why was everyone staring at me?

Where was Salome?

What happened?

How long was I passed out for?

The questions still bugging my mind, I raised my head and asked the lady firmly, “What happened? Where’s the woman I was speaking with?”

First hesitant, then as if summoning courage, she spoke up, “Don’t you remember what happened?”

I must have woken up in an alternate universe filled with stupid people and silly questions.

“If I did, I would not have any need to ask you.”

The woman must have been miffed by my response. She straightened her dress, stiffened her back and spoke as curtly as I would have,
“You were not speaking with anyone. You were not speaking to anyone. You were talking to the air.” She bit her lips. “Then you made a loud, crazy noise and passed out.”

That was when I noticed that people actually had their phones in their hands and were recording everything.
I was not sure what was so intriguing but I knew I had to leave. The questions kept multiplying in my head but these people definitely did not have the answers. I grabbed my purse and phone and rose to my feet again. My heart was beating faster than I had ever felt before. The clarity of my vision was sharper than ever. There was something disturbingly odd about the people around me. It was like I could see into them, through them. There’s no easy way to describe this. I hurried towards the exit as a million eyes followed me and cameras clicked away.

From the corner of my eye, I made out the image of the lady in white staring from a distance. I turned to be sure, but it seems she vanished.

This was not how I had planned my day. I should never had come here looking for my boss. I should have cut the crap when everything acquired a new dimension. I hurried to my car and I as I made to push the unlock button on the remote, I noticed something weird about my reflection in the driver’s window. Ogling back at me was my image. A silver ball sat on my shoulders, enveloping my head. It glowed and glittered like a hundred stars.

It was like nothing I had ever seen.

It was a halo.

I froze as I watched my eyes begin to glow. Just then I noticed two men standing right behind me. Their menacing heads caged by a bizarre force field. Their eyes shone bright red; the cold claws of trepidation clutched my heart.

“We’ve found her.” One of them whispered, revealing the most cringe-worthy set of teeth I had ever seen.

His colleague pulled out a 12-inch blade of shiny steel. Instinctively, I turned to defend myself when the tip of the dagger hit me in the chest and sunk right in.

I gasped as a flood of fire lit up my nerve endings.The pain was unbearable. My knees buckled, my eyes clamped shut.

"We've got her." one of the duo growled.

I passed out.

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