Sandra's Secret. 1.

Sep 202017

Sandra’s Secret: 1
Sonia strutted with measured steps, her wide hips swaying rhythmically as though she were a model on the runway, her gaze focused on the entrance that led into the building known as Dazzle Towers. She was barely 1 year here but Dazzle Heights had become family. Even Boris.
Boris was one of the oldest serving security guards. A large, burly fellow a few inches shy of 6 feet, his almost grotesque body frame was a bodybuilder’s nightmare. With a massive upper body and wispy legs, he looked like he walked out of a caricature magazine. The irony? That was exactly how Boris loved it. His funny frame aside, he was the most punctual and dedicated security staff. Always first to arrive and last to leave, Boris would give anything for Mr. Alphonsus. As he liked to think, he owed Mr. Alphonsus his life.

Alfie, as he called himself these days, bragged that he was a self-made millionaire. Hailing from the eastern part of the country, Alphonsus grew up hawking sundry wares to survive. His mother had died just after delivery of her fourth child, leaving him and his three siblings in the hands of their father. Things went well for a while until his father lost everything in a deal gone bad. The man turned to the bottle and was always ‘bottoms up’. Many nights, Alphonsus and his siblings had to retrieve the community drunk -their father – from refuse piles. Some other nights, they had to carry him from some brothel or the other where he would be sprawled on the floor in a drunken stupor. Alphonsus had sworn to be nothing like his father.

Life, it seemed, honored his resolve. He had become the CEO of one of the fastest growing advertising companies in Lagos. Now with a 3D animation studio, a modeling agency and a fashion label under his belt, he acquired this building which he named Dazzle Towers to house everything in one place.

Sonia smiled at Boris who waved back as he almost keeled over. She held herself from laughing. She had this effect on him right from the first day she arrived for her job interview. It was almost unfathomable that someone as big as Boris would get wimpy around her. She waved at him and walked into the foyer, and rode the elevator to the 4th floor, the Marketing floor of Dazzle Heights Advertising.
Reaching the massive glass wall that led to the entrance, Sonia did a quick check.
Makeup light and precise? Check.

Her high collared shirt revealed just enough cleavage to spike the imagination. She wriggled until the pendant on her necklace sat comfortably in the cleavage. Check.
She flipped her body sideways and took a long glance at her hips. He skirt was tight enough to accentuate those hips and formal enough for a Monday morning at Dazzle Heights Advertising. Check.
Whipping out her iPhone, she let the camera roll. The morning was so good, the ‘gram’ had to know. She uploaded the best three and hash-tagged the hell out of them.


Now to start the day.

She pushed the doors open, slapped her bag on her desk and said an absent minded “hi’ to Sam, the nerd who was nestled in his corner behind his massive monitor. She waited to hear Sandra’s banter. Turning around, she looked to see if she was anywhere near her desk. She could see her Chanel handbag sitting rather awkwardly on a pile of files.

“Have you seen Sandra today?” Sonia called out to the nerd.

He murmured some incomprehensible gibberish and returned to his work.
Sonia shrugged. The office would soon be a buzz of people trying to beat deadlines and hit new targets.
She made for the kitchen and the coffeemaker, humming softly to herself as she filled her mug with coffee. She needed biscuits. Pulling the drawers and rummaging through the several brands that were neatly stacked in several rows, she could not find anything she wanted.
She turned towards the huge refrigerator, coffee in hand, humming to herself as she pulled open one of its massive doors. She let out a loud scream as she staggered from the fridge, flinging the mug and spilling coffee everywhere.

Sam raced into the kitchen to see what had gone wrong. Sonia was in shock, her wide eyes staring. Sam turned to look at the fridge. It was his turn to scream. Nested on one of the layers and staring back at him was the bloody, decapitated head of Sandra Owode Williams.
Next week.

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